Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A Single Girls Guide to Valentines Day Part 2

So my last post discussed the option of a night in for any single ladies on Valentine's day, but this could also be the ultimate night out for anyone looking for a potential man, or the perfect excuse for a girls night out.

What better way to meet single people, than to go out of on Valentine's night. So long as you chose your location wisely(read: avoid romantic restaurants) you could find yourself surrounded by fellow singles.

If you and your girls have been meaning to organise a big night out, then this could be the perfect opportunity. Why not try somewhere new, venture out of your usual local bars and clubs and meet some new people?

3 things to consider if you're heading out on Valentine's day/night are...

1) Dress to impress...yourself- Wear something that makes you feel incredible. It sounds simple, but so often I find myself wearing something that I don't want to be noticed too much in, or playing it safe in black. Use this as an opportunity to pull out that outfit that is super special and you have been wanting to wear for ages! The above combination would be my outfit of choice.
2) Don't be hating on couples!- Yes, it sucks to see constant PDA's, but it is Valentines day and you have chosen to leave your house, it's bound to happen!
3) Have fun- Just let your hair down.Grab yourself a drink, a vodka cranberry and lemonade if you're buying, and dance the night away.

Okay, so it all sounds a bit clichéd but it really is a good opportunity to meet people if you usually struggle finding the ones that haven't already been snapped up.

The basic message is, stop feeling sorry for yourself, put Beyonce on and go out and dance! Not only  does dancing make you feel happier, but the calories that you burn while you're dancing will mean that you will be guilt free when you wake up the next day and indulge in greasy food and fizzy drinks. It's a win, win really.

However you chose to spend your Valentines day, remember that it is just another day and it will all be over for a whole year before you know it, so enjoy yourself!

Let me know what your plans are, at the moment I think I will be enjoying an evening that looks pretty similar to my part 1, but we'll have to wait and see!

Chloe xx

Thursday, 6 February 2014

A Single Girls Guide to Valentines Day Part 1

It's that time of year again where those of us who haven't been bitten by the love bug have the potential to be left crying into our family sized bar of galaxy. But is that such a bad thing?
Lazy days

We all spend so much time interacting with each other these days, be that through taking photos of every meal we eat and posting them on Instagram, tweeting about anything and everything, or heaven forbid actually having a conversation with someone in person! Isn't it nice to sometimes just have some time to yourself? So why not use Valentine's day as an opportunity to stay tucked up at home.

There is a very simple combination for a perfect night in.

1) Cosy lounge wear- There is a time and a place for sophisticated lounge wear, this is not it! Wear your baggiest jogging bottom and sweatshirt combo and embrace the messy top knot!
2) Trashy films- The choice is yours, you can go ultimate chick flick and do a Bridget Jones marathon, or you can chose something altogether more thought provoking and pro "girl power" like The Help.
3) ALL OF THE JUNK FOOD!- I don't think I need to elaborate on this one. But, bare in mind if you order take out food, you are going to have to answer the door in the above lounge wear, so you better hope Ryan Gosling is not on delivery duties that night. Be prepared with snacks if you want to avoid this!

If spending the evening alone sounds all too traumatic, invite your single gal pals along for the fun, perfect excuse for a sleepover and it's not even on a school night so you can up the anti and have a cocktail...or three!

In my opinion Valentines day is the perfect time to celebrate being single and allowing yourself to be selfish for once. Use it as an opportunity to treat yourself to all the things you usually neglect and give yourself a pamper. Why not even buy yourself some flowers?

Before I come across as too much of a man hater, my next post will be talking about exactly the opposite of a cosy night in. If you plan on hitting the town with the girls to meet some fellow singles, keep your eye out for part 2!

How are you guys planning on spending your valentines day, single or taken, I'd love to hear what you have planned!

Chloe xx

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wednesday Wishlist 4!

Wednesday Wishlist


So this week's wishlist feels like a little bit of a cheat as I actually started putting this together  at the weekend and have been adding to it as I've seen more things that I like. As such, I may already be the proud owner of a couple of these items...

1) I saw this coat in River Island a couple of weeks back, tried it on and feel in love. Pay day came around and on Sunday I bit the bullet. It's now only available in sizes 14 & 16 online and that made me want it even more! I have worn it every day since I bought it and although £80 for a coat which I really don't need is a bit hefty, I am extremely happy with my purchase.

2)  I have had my beloved Casio watch for over three years now and although it is still going strong, it is starting to look like it has seen better days. As much as I like the Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs chunky rose gold watches, I feel like they are just a bit done now and they are also very expensive for an impulse buy. I think this rose gold Casio would make a lovely replacement to my current one.

3) Okay, so here's the second cheat item! This is currently on it's way to me. I am at that stage where I am trying to use the remains of all of my favourite foundations as they all seem to be coming to an end at once. After reading some reviews online, Kate sold me on the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation. Let me know if anyone would like a review!

4) When I was leaving Topshop last week my mum spotted a "Chloe" necklace in the style of the Carrie one above. It was the only name there and there was only one left....clearly it was meant to be? But no, I made the silly mistake of not bothering to queue again and I have been experiencing the opposite of buyer's remorse ever since. I have been loving layering dainty necklaces recently and this would be perfect for that.

5) Finally, the hat. I never wear hats, I have bought them in the past and left them sitting unloved at the back of my wardrobe. For some reason I have an image in my head of me wearing this, with a really simple outfit and minimal make up and *fingers crossed* my newly blonde hair in a couple of weeks.

So this has basically demonstrated my lack of self control when it comes to shopping!

What have you guys been lusting after/buying this week?

Chloe xx

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wednesday Wishlist 03

Wednesday Wishlist 03


Wow, what a long month January has been. Friday is pay day and yet that doesn't seem too exciting as I still have the remnants of December and January's money mess to clear up! None the less, I am still craving new items.

1) I'm a huge fan of the smock style dresses and I think that White Pepper do them particularly well. This one is perfect for going out for dinner and will look equally great with tights and boots at this time of year as it will with some sandals in the summer.

2) These Shelley's loafer style heels from Asos are great. I love everything about them other than the height. I am 5'6 which I know doesn't sound that tall, but I feel like anything over about 4 inches just makes me feel like a giant. These are 4.5 inches according to Asos so I am currently sitting on the fence over whether or not I can handle them.

3) What I really like about this Topshop t-shirt is that it isn't cropped. I own a lot of cropped t-shirts and although I really like them, I feel that they limit me to only wearing them with high waisted things. I like long sleeves and just think this would be really flattering with some black jeans and boots. AND it's only £14! At that price, I think it would be rude not to buy it.

4) Finally, it's the make up. I am still undecided as to which concealer to go for as I've heard so many great things about both. Suggestions would be greatly welcomed. As for the lipstick, there is no way I will be splurging on a Tom Ford lipstick any time soon, but it was too pretty not to include and if anyone see's this and fancies treating me then that would be great.

Is anyone else suffering from the long month without a pay cheque?

It seems that it has just given me more time to accumulate my shopping list!

Chloe xx

Friday, 17 January 2014

Mulberry S/S 14

Images via Mulberry

Each season Mulberry produce not only beautiful clothing but also incredible imagery to go alongside it and this year they have outdone themselves.

There is something very whimsical and British about the peonies entwined in the white trellis and the Shetland pony (I'm no animal expert, so correct me if I'm wrong) peaking over the tea party style table. The array of animals from dogs to parrot's should be chaotic and yet somehow, they make it look beautiful.

And then of course, there is Cara. I love how versatile she is. Her moody look is the perfect contrast to the sugary surroundings.

As always, the clothing is stunning and I am hoping we see some of the swing style dresses and patterned skirt suits trickle down to the high street very soon. I am also a huge fan of the white running through the collection, broken up by the bright coral accessories. We all know Mulberry do handbag's incredibly well and I also think the shoes look great. They demonstrate how platform shoes don't need to look clumpy and they can enhance a girly and elegant dress perfectly.

Are there any collections that have caught your eye this year?

Chloe xx

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Wednesday Wishlist No. 2!



This week I booked a holiday for later on in the year and it's got me craving warmer weather!

1) I have wanted a Whistles leather jacket for as long as I can remember but every time I try them on I never seem to be able to justify the price. However, I really love the padded detailing around the shoulders and wrists and even though I usually prefer gold jewellery, i like how the silver hardware looks on this jacket. 

2) This Topshop dress is just very me. There's nothing too crazy about it, I can just see it fitting into my wardrobe very nicely. A girl can never have too many dresses right? 

3) I've been eyeing these Topshop shoes for a while now and was hoping they'd go into the sale after Christmas, but no such luck! I think they're a really nice height for making you feel a little more put together but not so much that you feel over dressed. 

4) So here's the real splurge item for this week's wishlist. The Celine cat eye sunglasses. I just think they're beautiful! I always seem to be drawn to tortoise shell, I think it's very flattering on my skin tone (pale). These may have to be a Birthday present to myself a little later on in the year.

If I carry on with these wishlists there's going to end up being a lot of items on the "birthday presents to me from me" list!

Is it just me that is ready for some more sunshine now that Christmas has been and gone?

Chloe xx 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wednesday Wishlist!

This is why I need to be rich!

I've decided to start a new little feature, the Wednesday Wishlist! All the things I'm lusting after each week, some of which will probably end up in my wardrobe very shortly. I think it's a nice way to visually put together potential outfits. 

1) I saw these gorgeous Topshop boots when I was in the store last week and really love how chunky they are. They would add a really nice edge to a girly outfit and I think they would be great all year round. 

2) Ahhh :( look how beautiful this Stella McCartney sweater is! I'm not usually into graphic prints and I usually go for more plain items, but there is just something about this that I really love. Unfortunately, at £440 I think this may just have to be one of those items that is admired from afar. 

3) Oh Nars, you always seem to lure me in. It's almost time for me to repurchase my beloved Nars Sheer Glow (for the 4th time!) and I have a sneaky suspicion that while I'm making an order, this velvet matte lip pencil in Damned, a gorgeous pink toned berry colour and also the creamy concealer may find their way into my basket...we'll see. 

4) I really like the lace detailing on this black Zara skirt and now it is in the sale for £19.99, I may struggle to resist this bargain. 

What are you guys lusting after this week? 

Chloe xx

Saturday, 4 January 2014

2014 fashion and beauty bucket list!

I've seen couple of other bloggers talking about their beauty resolutions and I really like this idea. I am usually into the typical 'new year, new start' cliche and come the 3rd January, I've forgotten all about them. That being said, I've set myself 3 goals which are on my fashion and beauty bucket list this year that I think I may actually be able to achieve...well we'll see!

1) Develop a consistent skin care routine.

I tend to try a skincare product for a few days and then either get bored or just completely forget to keep using it. Because of this, I never actually know which products are good for my skin. I think as soon as I get into a routine, this one shouldn't be too difficult.

2) Take the plunge and go blonde.

I have naturally dark brown hair and in 2013 I decided I wanted to go a bit lighter, I've been gradually getting a lighter and having more and more highlights but still haven't been brave enough to fully take the plunge. I booked an appointment at the hairdressers for the start February, so operation going blonde may happen sooner rather than later!

3) Calm down with the online shopping!

Back in march I got Asos premier and this has only fed my addiction of online shopping. I AM A NIGHTMARE!!! I honestly don't remember the last time I wasn't expecting a parcel in the post. This year I have decided that I must really consider my purchase before ordering. This is going to be my most difficult :( but I think my bank balance could look a lot healthier this time next year if I stick to it.

Anyone reading this, feel free to moan at me if you seem me breaking these rules at any point!

Have any of you guys made any fashion/beauty resolutions?

Chloe xx

Friday, 3 January 2014

Mac Face & Body C3

As a pale girl, I really struggle to find a foundation that doesn't make me look orange and after a long search Nars sheer glow in Fiji is now my go to. However, this foundation has SPF, which is great for every day, but after experiencing the dreaded ghost face in photographs one too many times, I decided it was time to hunt down a foundation without SPF.

After reading some reviews online I decided to try Mac Face and body in shade C3 as I wanted to suit my skin when I was a little more tanned up for the evening. When I first tried it, I did panic as it looked slightly orange toned. However, this foundation has a very liquid formulation and this makes it easy to blend.

I found that the best way to apply this foundation was to warm the product between my fingers and apply a thin layer with my hands. It is very buildable and I would say this could range from light right up to full coverage. To make this more fully coverage I then go in with a second layer and use my real techniques buffing brush to create a seamless finish.

Face & body does leave the skin looking quite dewy, but as long as I use a powder, I find that it lasts really well on my normal/combination skin.

Overall, this still hasn't over taken my Nars Sheer Glow (I don't think anything ever will) but it's definitely a nice foundation, especially for a night out when you're going to be around flash photography

Have you ever tried it?

If so, let me know what you think :)

Chloe xx